Developments, consulting and seminars ...


Photometry, spectometry and colorimetry versus viewing-direction

  • design and development of customer specific test and measurement systems, upgrading and modification of existing systems, implementation of special features and accessories,
  • gonioscopic (mechanical scanning) und conoscopic systems,
  • receiver systems (single-channel detectors with optics, multichannel detectors, one and two-dimensional detectors with optics),
  • illumination systems, light sources,
  • data-acquisition, data processing and evaluation,
  • graphical representation of the results and interpretation.
  • Metrology for a variety of quantities via optical detection (e.g. thin-film thickness, pretilt-angle, etc.).

Patents and technical documentation
  • patent search and expert statements,
  • technical documentations and translations (German - English - German).

Metrology services

  • Measurement and evaluation of the visual performance of (electronic) displays, (contrast, grayscale and color-characteristics, color-gamut, anti-reflection treatment, etc.),
  • Measurement and evaluation of scattering in transmission and reflection (BSDF, BTDF, BRDF).

Seminars and courses
  • electro-optical display-technologies in general,
  • display-ergonomics,
  • liquid-crystal displays,
  • numerical modelling of LCD electro-optics,
  • display-metrology, LCD-metrology.