Measurement and evaluation of visual sparkle of scattering anti-glare (AG) layers applied to visual displays. The SMS-1000 provides support for comprehensive optimization of the visual performance of displays with AG-treated surfaces by measurement of the distinctness of image (DOI), of both the transmittance and reflectance distribution function (TDF, RDF).

This combined optimization approach was first introduced at the SID Display Week 2011, the concept of sparkle evaluation has been described in more detail at the SID Display Week 2014.


SMS-1000 Data-Sheet



Based on a novel approach for measurement and evaluation scattering, the BSDF-Meter is now available for simple, fast and effective measurement and evaluation of light scattering in general (bidirectional scattering distribution function, BSDF) and specifically for application to electronic displays (e.g. reflection classes according to ISO 13406-2).

The method is based on the measurement of the lateral distribution of reflected luminance with an imaging photometer. After numerical transformation of the measured luminance distribution the characteristics of the BRDF/BSDF of the sample are obtained with high directional resolution within a limited angular range centered about the specular direction. Due to the absence of moving parts the method exhibits no sensitivity with respect to variations of the geometry parameters and is thus very robust.

BSDF-Meter details



optical transient recorder for measurement of temporal luminance variations, for evaluation of transition times (step or impulse response, flicker, etc.).


OTR-3 datasheet


Instrument-concepts developed, implemented and tested by us.



concept for portable instruments for evaluation of the visual performance of emissive, transmissive and reflective displays:

  • luminance, contrast, spectra and chromaticity versus viewing-direction,
  • luminance dynamics (image formation time, flicker, image sticking, etc.) versus viewing-direction,
  • high-resolution directional scanning option (for e.g. BRDF evaluation).

Display-Meter datasheet




concept for fast measurement of the electro-optical properties of reflective displays under a variety of different illumination conditions versus viewing-direction.

The Display-Dome is not available any more as a product from DM&S.


Display-Dome details




multichannel spectrometers for simultaneous acquisition of up to 16 input-channels (spectra) combined with fast photometric detectors.


the first eight-channel microspectrometer with integrated shutter for measurement of the spectra of emissive, transmissive and reflective objects.

Simultaneous acquisition of eight spectra can be used for measuring the same location on a sample from eight directions or for measuring a sample at eight loacations at the same time. It can also be used for simultaneous monitoring of the illumination source(s) during measurement of reflective samples.

The MultiSpect-8 is not available any more as a product from DM&S.


MultiSpect-8 datasheet



Reference Ticker

This device emulates a single line of a matrix-organized electronic visual display with an exactly controlled timing. It is designed for performance checking and calibration of measurement devices for motion-blur analysis and for research of perception of motion by the human visual system.


Reference Ticker datasheet



concept study for a lightsource based on a range of LEDs with adjustable luminance (1:65 000) at extreme spectral stability.