Welcome to Display-Metrology & Systems

We at Display-Metrology & Systems are specialists for all aspects concerning metrology for electronic visual displays and optical metrology in general.

Electronic visual displays and display screens with Liquid-Crystal-Displays (LCD) and in the meantime also with OLED-displays are important interfaces between human beings and their electronic ambient in both work and entertainment situations.


Measurement and evaluation of the electro-optical properties of visual display devices has been the basis for rating of their ergonomic performance (e.g. according to ISO-9241-300) and thus - together with additional technical details as specified in the data-sheet - for purchasing decisions of private and corporate customers.


We are professionally active in the field of display and LCD metrology since 1979 and since then we have been providing numerous ideas and contributions to this special field of optical metrology.


In addition we are also offering solutions and instruments for a range of problems that can be solved by measurement of optical properties (tilt-bias-angle in LCDs, thickness of translucent layers, refractive indices, etc.).


In the field of display metrology and general optical metrology we provide optimized solutions to our customers in the industry with attractive price-performance ratios.


40+ years of commitment to Liquid-Crystal-Displays (LCDs)

The first project (1977) was the realization of a digital clock with a large-area display with 7-segment layout based on the dynamic scattering mode (DSM) in liquid crystals at the University of Karlsruhe. This project had been initiated and supervised by Peter M. Knoll.


SMS-1000 - Measurement of Sparkle, DOI,
Reflectance and Transmittance distribution

The SMS-1000 provides a unique basis for comprehensive optimization of display systems with scattering anti-glare layers by evaluation of the three key features: visual sparkle, distinctness of transmitted image and reflectance/transmittance  vs. direction of observation (i.e. scattering distribution functions). 

The SMS-1000 is now available in a second improved version.


DIMOS - numerical simulation of LCDs

The first version of DIMOS was delivered to Kurt Fahrenschon (AEG , Ulm) in 1987.

After having contributed for many years to development and optimization of Liquid Crystal Displays, 
the sales of DIMOS were terminated by the end of 2023.



high-resolution BSDF measurement with your imaging photometer or colorimeter. 
A new version of the BSDF-Meter software is available.